On Instagram and other places, I see a lot of work bij (cerramic)artists. On this page I want to share some of the works that amaze or inspire me.

 akira ch

Akira Satake

Akira Satake was born in Osaka, Japan and lives in the USA since 1983.

If you're familiar with my work, it won't suprise you that I like his work. It has a strong wabi-sabi feel. The shapes and glazes seem random, but everything is in perfect balance. He uses old techniques like tanka (fired with natural charcoal in a saggar box) and woodfire. A big part of his work consists of sake-sets, teapots and chawans (Japanse teamugs). The aesthetics of wabi-sabi once started with the teaceremony. His chawans fit in this aesthetics completely.

Akira Satake