Pre-order the book now!.

My book: "Saggar firing in an electric kiln" will be released in the USA in August 2021! But you can already pre-order it through

The book will be published by Schiffer Publishing in Pennsylvania (USA). It will be released in the USA in August and one month later in Europe. One month after that: Australia.
After the release it will be available on other websites as well and maybe even in your local ceramicshop.


The review in an online magazine said about the Dutch version:

"....The book is a detailed and very clear introduction to this technique for those who are new to saggar firing. The book can also be a source of inspiration for those who have been familiar with these kinds of techniques for some time. Highly recommended." (Yna van der Meulen)

This is, in short, the content:

  • What is a saggar;
  • How to make a saggar;
  • A saggar in an electric kiln;
  • What clay to use for your work;
  • How to make and apply terra sigillata;
  • Which combustibles to use;
  • what colorants to use;
  • Technics to get good results;
  • Ideas to experiment.