Book "Saggar firing in an electric kiln"


In august I published the book 
"Saggar firing in een elektrische oven"
(Saggar firing in an electric kiln). The book is in Dutch (500 ex.).
May be you've seen it on social media. The first print is almost sold out and people are very positive about it:

"Beautiful lay-out and photo's ..."
"Clear and to-the-point ...."
"It looks amazing."

Because of this success and questions from non-Dutch speaking people, I'm thinking about an English version.

This is, in short, the content:

  • What is a saggar;
  • How to make a saggar;
  • A saggar in an electric kiln;
  • What clay to use for your work;
  • How to make and apply terra sigillata;
  • Which combustibles to use;
  • what colorants to use;
  • Technics to get good results;
  • Ideas to experiment.


If you want to be kept up-to-date, sent me an email (info(at) with: "Keep me informed about the English version of your book about saggar firing."
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