Example of Kintsugi

saggar; kintsugi

Own work (Height: 21 cm, € 150,-)

The creative process is unpredictable. Although I certainly want to work on the 'country-theme' in the future, I find myself doing 'archeology', something that has been in my head for some time. 

When I see old ceramic pots in a museum for archeology, I find the ones that have been put together again the most interesting. Not just because of their shape and earthly colors, but because of all the pieces that are brought together after being separated for so long and the random lines that occur. This makes every pot unique.

In Japan broken tea cups are glued together and the seem is enhanced with gold. This technique is called kintsugi ('gold' and 'repair'). It fits in the philosophy wabi-sabi, that, among other tings, wants to show the beauty in imperfection.

I've been wanting to do something with that idea, without recreating it. I break the pots that I've made and fire the pieces separately. After firing I put them back together. This way the patterns are interrupted and the lines visible without enhancing them.

I'm very happy with the first results. It opens new possibilities and maybe a combination with the 'country-theme' is an option.