With two workshops in the near future and some other projects, updating websites, social media and answering my mail, there was little time to work on this project. Wich is a pity, since I like working on it. Nevertheless, there is some progress.

I was looking for the right color blue so I started with some stains and also made tests from other colors so in the future I can easily make combinations. (see photo). The right color is not yet there, but I'll try mixing some colors.

The idea of using blue came from the old walls of Jodhpur and Udaipur. By making some larger plates I can see if I can get the roughness of the walls and combine some colors. (see photo).
Since I also wanted to do something less abstract I made two vessel-forms. They are built from severel slabs of clay that I manipulated in several ways. (see photo).

The next weeks I'm working on other projects, but after that I hope to be able to spent lots of time on this one.

kleuren muur proefjes