India, that will be the first inspiration for my new work. 
Where it will lead? I'll find out while working.
It's not always easy when everything is possible!

My first thoughts are the colors and the old walls of houses and buildings. Where ceramics are concerned I think of the small ceramic teacups that you were given in the train until the míd nineties. After use you just threw them out of the window.

As a fan of wabi-sabi I can see the beauty in the decay of old walls.

I start with making some teacups with a rough outside that reminds of those old walls as tests. It looks nice, but it's just a start and applicable for more countries. How do I make it more Indian?

I look at my photo's and see the color blue. This is often used to paint houses, since it's the color of the God Shiva.

So, looking for the right blue!

theekopjes india dtl

Some teacups

proef thee

The testcases


The blue of the houses