What's next?!

In my previous blog (only in Dutch) I wrote I want to use 'countries' as my inspiration for new work.
But how!?

  • Will the inspiration be the traditional ceramics, the technique and decoration?
  • Will the inspiration be the country, its colors, its nature, people, architecture?
  • Or just one little thing?
  • Am I going to make just vessels or are other forms also possible?
  • I started with saggarfiring a few years back and I want to use that as well. Will that work?

A lot of questions that, hopefully, will be answered while working.
I also want to do more then just ceramics: writing about the history of ceramics in that country and use my photo's in combination with my work.
The first country is India. I've visited that regurarly and have immediately lots of associations: hot, lots of colors, chaos, contrasts, etc.
I go into the studio and just start.


Bord gedecoreerd Wijnbeker  Potje

Traditional ceramics from several countries (collection artist)