About my work

bloem mym

The beauty of imperfection.

This‘definition’ of wabi-sabi (Japanese philosophy and aesthetics) is the starting point of my work. Imperfection makes things more interesting:

  • an old door that is hold in place by tires;
  • all the torn layers of posters on a wall;
  • a flower blooming against all odds. 

You can find some photos in 'inspiration'

In my search for a technique that fits this idea, I found saggar firing. This technique gives me influence, but not control over the outcome. The patterns are formed by accident.
Mostly I start with a white, smooth surface to give the colours a nice 'canvas' as it were. 


According to wabi-sabi perfection doesn't exist. None of my objects are completly perfect, symmetrical or smooth. Some of them wobble a bit, saerching their balance, others are very fragile.