About my work

bloem mym

I'm fascinated by old objects and objects that are created spontaneously, made humans or created by nature and the elements:

  • an old door that is hold in place by tires;
  • all the layers of posters on a wall;
  • a flower blooming against all olds. 

They don't answer to the rules of beauty and perfection and are, because of that, much more interesting.

you can find more examples under 'inspiration'.


In Japan they call that Wabi-sabi:

"that what is imperfect, aged, humble and authentic."

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetics that goes back to the 15th century. It's much more then this sort definition. It's about appreciating the beauty in small things , accepting that everything is temporary and that perfection doesn't exsist.

In my work wabi-sabi plays an important role: attention to detail; embrace coincidences and imperfection:


According to wabi-sabi perfection doesn't exsisit. None of my objects are completly perfect, symmetric or smooth. Some of them wobble a bit, serching their balance, others are very fragile.