My work and I

I've been working with clay again since 2008. I like the craftmanship
that is needed, but I also like to experiment. 
I experiment both with the material as well as with the firing.

(Photo Marloes Coppes)


I'm fascinated by old objects and objects that are created spontaneously. Japanese call it Wabi-Sabi:

"that what is imperfect, aged, humble and authentic."

This can be man-made or aged by the elements. Look at 'Inspiration' for some examples. The philosophy of wabi-sabi is much more than this short definition. It's also about seeing the beauty in things that are modest, accepting that everything is temporary and that perfection doesn't exists.


Although experimenting with clay is great, I'm also looking to give purpose to my work. Giving your personal touch to an object is an example.


Jolanda van de Grint